Thematic Bachelorette Party Gifts

Published: 10th November 2009
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The bachelorette party is a tradition not to be missed. The tradition is it that the best friends of the bride organize a party. This must remain a surprise for the bride, and this is why it is best to ask about his schedule for the evening or the previous day. For giving a dash of fun to your life, the bachelorette party of a young girl, we recommend you a thematic party that will require numerous bachelorette party gifts .

What do you make the bride the Julie Lescaut of the modern times? The bride was dressed in police and all the guests as prisoners. You can start your evening or disguised already do so during the evening around game.

Another theme that can be very entertaining: clothe the bride with a super sexy dress and feminine while the guests are dressed like a man? Another fun option: disguise the bride as a nurse or doctor and invited in patients. The bachelorette party gifts can follow up this theme.

You can also dress up as functions of wages that you intend to make it do: Here are more ideas:

a nurse for him to kiss to passersby and in animal begging for food that will be a picnic for the evening where you can offer bachelorette party gifts .

To help you choose the wages here is a list of the most performed:

1.Make her offer an on the autograph his t-shirt portrait of her future husband

2.Sing and / or dancing with passers (this pledge may also be an opportunity to make a handle to the bride to finance the rest of the night)

3.Organiser a treasure hunt where the bride must bring a number of miscellaneous objects (a string, a cup tie ...)

4.Sell objects (eg condoms) at auction or otherwise go door to door to collect objects or food.

These are just some suggestions for you to adapt and find your own concept. So what theme you choose your party?

The party is a good opportunity to give future brides funny or sexy bachelorette party gifts, such as:

1.Lenjerie intimate sexy outfit sexy schoolgirl / nurse / bunny.

2. Erotic toyslike a pair of fur handcuffs, jelly underwear or something naughty, but funny.

3. A book with the positions of the Kama-sutra.

4.Products for a romantic setting: scented candles, scented sticks, a sparkling bath, dried flower petals, a counselor for a romantic dinner, a massage oil, a special music CD, a pink table to have breakfast in bed.

5.A cake that have written him one way or to contain some "anatomical form". The cake can be made with fireworks, music and champagne.

6.Set horn with veil for the bride.

7.A mug that is has the shape of a penis and condoms of more and different sizes.

All these bachelorette party gifts are very funny and they will definitely set a pleasant mood yo all the participants at the party that the bride will never forget.

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